Air Fresheners

Who doesn't like working in an office that smells fresh all the time? Fragrance doesn't just make your space feel nicer but is scientifically linked to increasing your mood. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all your cleaning supplies came in mood-enhancing perfumes that kept your working spaces smelling wonderful all day? Just check out the range of air fresheners that we stock at One Stop Cleaning Supplies. Air fresheners are the perfect cleaning chemical to make your customers feel welcome and comfortable. These cleaning supplies can be used in homes as well as offices, schools, retail stores, senior care facilities, and more. Instantly remove funky odours and leave a pleasing perfume all around the space with air fresheners dedicated to each room. At One Stop Cleaning Supplies, we stock only the best brands of commercial grade air fresheners, some of which also double up as sanitisers. You can depend on air fresheners, deodorisers, and odour masking cleaners from brands like Rapid Clean, Citrus Resources, Research and Agar.

Different Types of Commercial Room Fresheners

Effectively remove odours from your living and working space by eliminating the bacteria responsible for it. Thanks to the long-lasting perfume in these cleaning chemicals, your rooms will remain fresh all day long. Just browse our selection of air-freshening cleaning chemicals and pick the one that meets your specific requirements. If you don’t want to apply a fragrance to your commercial space, then you should try one of our odour eliminators which are specifically designed to eliminate bad. These are great for venues such as retirement homes, animal shelters and domestic areas.

The Key Benefits of Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners are the key to great-smelling rooms. When customers enter through the door, the first thing that hits them is the smell. With great-smelling rooms, you’re able to add an extra layer of freshness bringing your customers back for longer. A good quality air freshener will give your room a pleasant fragrance. Make your space feel nice whilst boosting the mood of your customers through our range of products.

Keep your venue smelling pleasant with a quality Air Freshener

Air Fresheners are a must-have product for any commercial venue such as retirement homes, hotels, kitchens or bathrooms. Your customers deserve it just as much as you do!

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