Commercial disinfectants are an absolute must if you want to keep your establishment at the highest possible standard of cleanliness and sanitisation. A disinfectant is a chemical substance used to destroy microorganisms on surfaces.  Commercial grade disinfectants will destroy and stop the growth and spread of bacteria, mould, fungus and even some viruses. Given their strong bacteria-killing properties, disinfectants are commonly used on surfaces like floors, toilets, and other building premises. Given these properties, disinfectants are commonly used by professional cleaners in high-traffic areas which are prone to bacteria and microorganism growth such as washrooms, toilets, and floors.  A disinfectant generally differs from a sanitiser which simultaneously cleans and disinfects. Sanitisers are better suited for areas where there is the potential for human contact such as tables, bench tops, and kitchens – this is to avoid any harm to your skin.

Key Benefits of Commercial Grade Disinfectants

A quality disinfectant will help you to know that your cleaned area is free from harmful bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms. Many of our disinfectants contain a pleasant-smelling perfume which leaves a fresh long-lasting fragrance present in all your rooms.

How Disinfectants Help Create Safe Surfaces

To keep your premises safe and hygienic, use a good quality disinfectant. Not only will it get rid of harmful bacteria, but it will also give your spaces a pleasant ambience with their fragrant qualities.

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Commercial grade disinfectants make cleaning your large spaces a pleasure, with stronger chemical formulas that speed up the break-down process. With our commercial-grade chemicals, you’ll spend more time enjoying your office, hotel, or restaurant, rather than cleaning it. Plus, they’re super safe. View our range above of disinfectants from One Stop Cleaning Supplies. To help keep your venue looking great, you may also wish to browse our range of cleaners trolleys and commercial bathroom cleaners.