Hand Cleaners

Hand Cleaners

Hand Cleaners

The significance of regular hand washing has been ingrained in our minds particularly since the recent pandemic, although in some industries like healthcare and food preparation, hand washing has always been important. Nothing can keep our hands germ-free as effectively as regular washing with a good hand cleansing gel or foam, and water. If you are looking to stock up on hand cleaners for your workplace, then you will find a wide variety here.

Our range of commercial hand cleaners from Deb and Gojo are formulated to deliver effective results at all kinds of professional workspaces. Whether you are looking for hand cleansing foam or hand cleansing gels, you will find suitable options here. Our products are also Environmental Choice Australia certified.

Looking for an effective hand cleansing product for the staff at your restaurant, café, hotel, office or school cafeteria? You should consider a good hypoallergenic, food-safe hand cleansing foam that is free of any fragrances or dyes, as these can interfere with food flavours. Antibacterial foam hand cleaners like Oxybac and Deb Refresh Clean Foam are specially formulated for use in food production facilities.

Setting up hand washing stations at factories or work floors and want a heavy-duty hand cleansing solution? You might prefer one of the Deb Solopol concentrated heavy-duty solvent free hand pastes that provide effective cleaning along with moisturisation.

There are a wide variety of hand cleaners that you can choose to go with the hand wash dispensers in your workplace washrooms. We have a range of foaming hand cleaners that provide a pleasant fragrance and leave your hands moisturised even as they are sanitised. Foam hand cleaners are available in clear as well as coloured variants. Do consider the kind of dispensers in your washrooms, and choose the hand cleansing products accordingly.

You can also opt for a premium foam hand wash like that offered by Gojo, for general light handwashing. The products are biodegradable, 99% effective against most common germs, and characterised by a refreshing fragrance. Made of renewable ethanol, this hand cleanser also conditions the hands.

We are confident that you will be able to find the right cleaning products for your workplace requirements here. But should you have any doubts or questions, just give us a call on 1300 131 700. Our expert advisors will be happy to have a chat and help you find just the right cleaning supplies for your needs.